How should you choose the Adobe products that you need for business? Basically most Adobe products fall into one of there categories Vector, Graphics, or Video. Vector programs like Illustrator are used for creating text and things like magazine layouts. Graphic programs like Photoshop are used for digital imaging, correction of photos, and for making graphics for website design. Video programs like Premiere are used for an assortment of video editing and website design needs. The combination of these programs can be found in the Photoshop CS suite, but this is a much more expensive route to go. There are specialty programs from Adobe such as after effects that can be used with most of the other Adobe programs. Some programs like Adobe Acrobat are used for creating PDF files that include both graphics and text, so these are popular software choices for offices and business purposes. It is wise to try out the different Adobe programs in a trial version before buying any of them. It is smart to invest in any Adobe programs that you use regularly, as part of your business needs. Being an authorized owner makes sure that you have all the copyrights and legal software.