Many of us know of Adobe as the company that allows us to read PDF documents. From gaming to office software, PDFs have been a fixture with software for many years. However, Adobe also produces some of the worlds greatest graphic design software. From making movies to illustrated graphics, the power of Adobe’s products is almost unmatched. With the right suite of software, one could make a full feature-length movie complete with sound and visual effects. Adobe gives the average Joe the ability to become creative and perhaps fulfill a calling for design and production.

The world has become aware of Adobe’s products through the use of video playing on websites and games played on community pages. With the right program for the job, anyone can produce popular games that could bring in a small fortune, design an award winning website, or open horizons for original movies. Adobe gives users the ability to create nearly anything imaginable. One of the biggest names in quality, Adobe’s products are well sought after and earlier versions will still sell for quite a bit more than one would expect. With each version of software Adobe produces, more power is given to those who wish to create.The information doesn’t stop now. Keep looking: Adobe Creative Cloud – a better option for students?